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What is

Simply put, it's an educational resource for people who want to learn screenwriting, but aren't sure how or where to start.

  • Sighthound Studio is for emerging filmmakers who don't want to take on years of schooling, but recognize that without a better working knowledge of storytelling fundamentals and screenwriting in particular, all the technical skills and equipment in the world will still produce a forgettable film.

  • Sighthound Studio is for people looking to kick-start their dream of becoming a working screenwriter. Or playwright. Or novelist. Because the Sighthound Studio "Fundamentals of Screenwriting" course can help anyone interested in any of those disciplines significantly improve their writing.

  • And Sighthound Studio is also for those who just want to have some fun and enjoy learning the skills required to explore a new creative outlet for themselves.

Sighthound Studio is a practical, pragmatic and fun learning environment for anyone of any skill level and we hope you give us the chance to instruct and inspire you as well. 


Are you interested in having Sighthound Studio come to your area? 

Sighthound Studio would love to explore how we might run a course in your area.   

If you can organize a minimum of 12 people willing to reserve a seat, then you can influence when and where we might offer our courses.

The bottom line is that Sighthound Studio is very flexible, grateful for any inquiries, and we promise to do our best to accommodate your needs.

Let's talk about what's possible. We'd love to hear from you!