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you want to be a screenwriter!

Fantastic! Or perhaps you're a different kind of storyteller not specifically interested in screenwriting, but you'd like a refresher or an opportunity to elevate your skills by studying the art and science of creative writing from a screenwriter's perspective. That's great too! 

The fact is that novelists, playwrights, video game designers, comic book artists and creative writers of all kinds and experience levels can get something valuable out of studying screenwriting with Sighthound Studio. And so can you! 



Thank you for consistently, sharing your passion and creating such a rich and rewarding learning experience for our students!
— Christine Wilton, Western Continuing Studies
This has been so meaningful, so special. Best on your human journey and thank you for inspiring us on ours.
— Colleen Marlin
This has been a great experience! Hope to have something to show you in future! (“Timeshift” reference) Ha ha!
— Mike S.
Loved the class! Thanks a bunch for making it so interesting!
— Karen F.
Even BETTER the second time around! Thanks so much!
— Gordon Walker
Thank you for all your valuable contributions and inspiration
— Donna Buckland
I promise to mention you when I win my Oscar! LOL! Thanks so much for your guidance and spirit.
— Steve H.
Thank you for your fantastic guidance.
— Nicole A.


Our Goal

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Screenwriting is not easy. Many who fall in love with the idea of becoming a screenwriter don't really know what to expect and quit after realizing it is much more challenging than they imagined. Our first goal - and the one we take most seriously - is to teach you what to expect, to temper your expectations and to give you realistic goals that you can actually achieve. That's the hard part. Everything else comes with time. We'll also do our very best to help you elevate the quality of your writing by sharing tools and strategies that can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. And let's try to have some fun along they way because if this becomes nothing but a chore... why bother?

Love it? Learn it! 

About Me

photo by Whitney South

photo by Whitney South

MY NAME IS Jordan Morris

I've always loved movies. But it wasn't until much later in life, that I got my first chance to work in film. After years of working in live theatre I was hired as an actor on an indie film and after proving I had other useful skills, became production designer and eventually, a producer of that film! I was hooked! 

After writing, producing and even co-directing several small films, I was then given an opportunity to instruct a screenwriting course for Western University's Continuing Studies Campus and immediately fell in love with teaching filmmaking skills as well.  

So... if you'd like to learn how to tell better stories that entertain, inspire and SELL...  I'd like to help!