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The Power and Purpose of a Great Logline

Next up on our list of topics to explore is the often ignored and/or misunderstood LOGLINE. Loglines can often be the key to getting your script read and can also work as the most powerful diagnostic tool you have available. Like it or not, your logline will either prove that you can write and that your script has the potential to be a successful film, or … it will prove the opposite. So, here is the how and why of a great logline …

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Why Are You Writing A Screenplay?

It may seem obvious, but so many people that I come across have never been asked to explain or articulate just exactly WHY they want to write a screenplay. I find that it’s this curious blindspot that can often fuel the failure of many emerging screenwriters, so … let’s talk about it!

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Join the Screenwriter's Support Group of London, Ontario!

The SCREENWRITER’S SUPPORT GROUP OF LONDON, ONTARIO is now meeting bi-weekly and welcomes anyone interested in screenwriting to join this free group so that they can spend time with other screenwriters to give and receive the support and insights we all need to succeed! Here are all the details…

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